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Undyne is a ghostly fish spirit. She takes the place of Alphys from Storyshift and Napstablook from the original Undertale.

Appearance Edit

Undyne has two forms.

Her first form is similar to those of Napstablook's, except she has yellow eyes and a long red ponytail.

Her second form is a tall fish girl with blue scales, red hair, yellow eyes, and a white, long sleeveless hoodie.

Regardless of form, she has no legs.

Personality Edit

Undyne is a little more calmer in this AU, but overall is still the same. She also has feelings for Alphys.

She may also have anxiety.

Abilities Edit

Like her regular counterpart, she can summon spears. However, she can control them a lot better in her second form than in her first form.

She is also incorporeal, meaning that she can pass through solid objects.