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Alphys is a robot made by Toriel. She takes the place of Undyne in Storyshift and Mettaton in the original Undertale. In the Storyswap ask blog, she is referred to as Alphabot.

Appearence Edit

Alphys, in her box form, is similar to Mettaton. However her box body is similar to a television. She can emote not only by moving music bars, but by images and anime expressions. She wears a yellow bowtie. Previous versions of her show that she used to wear bunny ears.

In EX form, she is a robotic anime girl with short yellow hair, a Japanese school girl's outfit with a indigo skirt and yellow bow with a monster soul in the middle, a big yellow bow on her lower back, white stockings and black shoes, and a long, robotic tail. Her eyes emote just like those of an anime girl.

She has the same height as Metta.

Personality Edit

Alphys is more open and confident than her original counterpart. She is very honest about people and information and isn't shy about talking about her creator, Toriel. She also never likes her name being mispronounced or misspelled.

Despite all of these facts, she is still Alphys at heart. She stutters a lot and gets flustered the moment she's near Undyne.